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Life Lesson: Pre-made freezer breakfasts prevent you from accidentally burning the house down because you’re a zombie at 4 a.m.

I’m exhausted this morning. I stayed up until 2 am finishing up Orange Is The New Black last night. I never stay up that late ever! Has anyone finished it? I watched the first four seasons all within a month, and was anticipating the fifth season for about 3 weeks and was dying! How do the die hard fans wait an entire year for the next season? I guess I’ll find out this time around!

Anyway, back to the blog I promised yesterday on my Facebook post. So, my husband wakes up super early for work since he’s been on day shift. Depending on where he works, he has to get up a little earlier sometimes. Are you ready to give me the bad wife award? I don’t always make him breakfast. He’ll usually stop at the drive through on his way or at the gas station to pick up a biscuit. But, that can really add up cost wise!

I ran across the idea of freezer meals a few years ago and have made a few dinner ideas before to keep in the freezer for those evenings when we don’t have a lot of time but still need a good meal. Then I thought, “what about breakfast too?” It makes life so much easier to just pop something in the microwave and know your husband is leaving the house with a hot meal that will be just as good as something you’ve spent a ton of time making in the mornings.

So far we’ve only done the breakfast bowls, because my husband seems to really love those. I haven’t tried the breakfast sandwiches but think I’ll do those next time around. Let me know if you want a blog on those if I do!

So, without further ado, here is how I make my breakfast bowls!

First, you’re going to need some good, microwave safe containers. I love these Glad brand entree containers. They come in a package of 5 which is perfect for the whole week. They’re the perfect size and stack up very well in your freezer.

The ingredients I used are pretty typical of a store bought breakfast bowl, but the good thing is that it’s your own homemade ingredients. The first thing I did was make homemade breakfast potatoes. You’ll need around 5 or 6 russet potatoes, washed and cubed with the skins still on. To season them I’ve added them to a bowl and drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little paprika for color and spice. I then baked them in the oven on 425 until tender and let cool. Some did get a little crispy on the pan, but we don’t mind that!

Next you’ll choose whatever meat you want to use. This time I used hot sausage. You’ll need about a roll or if you buy it in the packages of patties (we do), I used about 7 patties for 5 bowls. You could use more or less depending on taste. You could also use bacon or ham, but this is just how my husband prefers them.

Next, you’ll scramble your eggs. We can all do that, right? Good! I used a whole dozen of eggs for this recipe.

Now all you’ll do is assemble the bowls, topping each with cheddar cheese.

I let these cool before topping with the lids, then stacking in the freezer. All my husband has to do in the mornings is take one out, remove the lid, cover with a paper towel, and place in the microwave for a few minutes. They cook while he’s getting ready and then he has a fresh, hearty breakfast before going into work that you’ve made.

The possibilities with these are endless with whatever ingredients you use. Just use your imagination. You could also add sauteed veggies! I’ll bet that would be delicious! My husband prefers just a hearty meat and potatoes breakfast, so that’s how I do it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog! If this is something that appeals to you and you’d like to see more in the kitchen type blogs from me, please let me know!

Remember that you’re all so beautiful, loved and blessed! Until the next one, take care!

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