Currently: June 2017

With summer break in full swing, I feel like we’re continuously trying to fill our day with things we love. It inspired me to share some of the things we’re doing and loving right now, and maybe help some other people get ideas!

Current Encouragement:

I can’t begin this blog without speaking about what is currently encouraging to my faith. Sometimes in life things can test us, and sometimes I fail those tests. I’m not worthy of God’s love and mercy, but time and time again He is my strength in the storm. He reminds me I’m HIS and though I may be shaken I will not be moved.

Psalm 46:5 (KJV) ❤️

God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved: God shall help her, and that right early.

This one verse has comforted me so much today. I hope it can encourage another fellow momma no matter what you’re going through. Our Lord is always with you.

Currently Reading: 

I’m a huge bookworm, and the summer months are one of my favorite times to read! Growing up I was such a romantic soul and loved all those fluffy, feel good summertime contemporary novels. While my tastes in books have somewhat changed, there’s something about summer that takes me back to those days and I feel the need to reach for those same types of books.

Jenny Han is an author I immediately think of when it comes to that. Two summers ago I read The Summer I Turned Pretty trilogy from her, and I was swooning like I was 15 years old. I couldn’t get enough of it! This year, I’ve decided to revisit her work with her To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. I only own two of the three books, but if I’m loving it I can just put my Amazon Prime membership to use! I’m currently about five chapters in on the first book, and it’s really good so far. A pretty predictable bombshell just dropped, but are contemporary novels not always somewhat predictable? I think that’s what makes them fun.

As far as summer reading goes, here is a little peak of the books I hope to be able to get through this summer:

Currently Reading (Kids): 

My kids love their library books. My girls are 3 & 4, so their tastes are pretty much the same. They both have been constantly asking to be read three books in particular, My First Spanish Word Book, My Granny Went To Market, and The Night Before Summer Camp. Mia loves trying to pronounce the words in Spanish and I think she just wants to laugh at the way I say them. I absolutely love My Granny Went to Market, because it teaches not only counting but about different cultures as well. The Night Before Summer Camp is really cute as well!

Drew is a little different. Being 8 years old he’s really getting into chapter books, and we discovered a sports series for his age group at the library. He’s currently reading Little League Baseball World Series and really enjoying it!

Currently Wearing: 

I feel like in the summer months it’s so hard for me to dress fashionable. It’s hot and you just want to be cool and comfy. This year, I’ve discovered a clothing piece that not only makes me feel easily put together, but comfy and cool at the same time, especially when I’m out running errands with my three kiddos! That piece is the Carly dress from Lularoe! While just a simple t-shirt dress, it’s so easy to dress up or down. I’ve wore them to church, thrown one on with just a simple pair of flip flops to run errands in, and wore them around the house just to lounge in. All while staying comfortable and cool. They’re saving my life this summer!

I really wanted to take a photo of myself wearing one, because I prefer photos of “real” people wearing them. I wore one to church last night with the plan of my husband getting a photo of me, but it was absolutely pouring the rain! So, here is one of Lularoe’s photos instead.

Currently Watching: 

I don’t get to watch television a lot at all. We usually always have it going, but it’s usually just the kids YouTube going with nursery rhymes or kids songs so they have something in the background as a little extra entertainment while they play.

Season 5 of Orange Is The New Black did release on Friday, so I binged that over the weekend. It gave me a headache. This is why I don’t watch a lot of television at once! It’s definitely a lot more “risqué” and different than anything I normally watch, but I’m so addicted to the story.

On a regular weeknight though, I’ve been watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix! I’ve been trying to slowly get through that one for a few months now, but it’s so adorable! Rachel Bilson and Jamie King star in it, who are so gorgeous and I love the mix of southern belle and New York fashion on the show between the two of them. It’s a really cute show!

My husband and I have been trying to finish up the last season of Parenthood also! I started that series almost a year ago and stopped because I didn’t want it to end. It’s so, so good! If you don’t watch it I highly recommend it. You don’t know what you’re missing out on! It’s so heart warming and the love the Braverman family has for one another is just the sweetest.

Currently Eating: 

Summer screams fresh food to me! Lots of watermelon, salads, and corn on the cob. We also love grilling out at least once a week. The kids love to experiment with different recipes themselves. Last summer we made a delicious drink of Sprite with Kool-Aid ice cubes we’re planning on doing again this summer. You can find that cute little activity here.

Current Activities: 

Sometimes in the summer, especially with kids, we can get bored or burned out on things pretty easily. Currently our movie theater has $4 movie tickets which also include popcorn, a drink, and a fruit snack. For us this is the perfect thing to do to just get out of the house for a few hours when it’s raining or too hot to play outside. We went today to see Trolls which was the perfect time to go because we’ve had a lot of rain this week!

We also have been taking advantage of our public library. It’s something that’s totally free. They have story hour once a week and we also get to do a craft and check out some new books.

We actually just finished our vacation Bible school at our church. Our kids absolutely love it! There are so many churches in our community that host a VBS and we can usually count on one happening almost every week during the summer. If all else fails, I’m sure we could find another VBS to attend!

I have a few things planned over the next few weeks as well. I discovered about 40 minutes away from our house there’s a park with a splash pad that I want to take the kids to, and I’m waiting on a rainy week to visit a kid friendly museum that’s near us. Within the next month we’re also planning to take a family trip to the Ark Encounter museum! I’m most excited about this myself!

Currently Loving:

Right now I’m really loving watching other moms on YouTube and getting inspiration from how they run their homes while I’m doing my morning cleaning routines. I know for me watching other moms can make you feel inferior sometimes, but the moms I’ve been watching keep it so real and their lives are a lot like mine. Two that stick out to me most are Samantha at Happily A Housewife and Kimmy at She’s In Her Apron. Both are busy stay at home moms and they’re both just so real and genuine.

I’m also really loving photography and taking summer photos of my kids! They don’t always cooperate, but just having a few photos of them exactly how they are now makes it worth it!

I’m into summer scents right now. Hello Beautiful and Endless Weekend from Bath and Body Works are my two go-to summer fragrances. They’re always having sales and discounts. I never pay full price for it!

As far as scents for my home, I’m really loving the wax melts you can get from Walmart. Scents like watermelon and one of my favorites for summer, Pink Sand, are constantly warming in my house.

Currently Over: 

I had to include a little sarcasm in this blog, right? I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t! I’m so over fidget spinners I can’t stand it! They’re such a distraction for my kids and I’ve had to take them several times for them using them when they’re supposed to be doing something else. Thank goodness they’re cheap made and break easy (haha).


So that’s it for this blog! I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my current favorite things and that it’s inspired you with some new ideas! If you like these kind of blogs please leave me a comment so I can do more in the future!


Laura ❤️


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