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One day I’ll miss the tantrums, just not this day.

I want to start off by saying I love my children more than life, and would never ask for them to be anything other than what they are. They’re….spirited, to say the least. Also, I am not “complaining” about them. I would never. My world is amazing because of them. Today, I just need an outlet. Let the blog begin.

My son was seriously what most would call “the perfect child” (to others, a freak of nature, because no child was that good). I personally don’t think kids are perfect or bad, they are just what they are. He had his moments, but for the most part, he was very well behaved, rarely cried, and when he did it was usually for good reason. He was the the child who made me want dozens of children. Then along come the girls.

They’re almost exactly 18 months apart. They don’t cry. Nope. In fact, I couldn’t get that lucky. They SCREAM. I’m talking bloody murder, man with an ax in the house, about to get kidnapped screams. All for things that are totally irrelevant and wouldn’t even make a regular kid cry at all. Sometimes, as crazy as it sounds, when they both start at the same time I have this fear that it’s so loud that the neighbors will hear them, think they’re being abused or playing with fire, and call the cops on me. Irrational or not, it’s a fear I live with almost daily.

Example: This morning we’d spent in the living room all together, YouTube on the television blaring Hooplakidz so we could enjoy some nursery rhymes while we played. At one point they were busy with their toys not paying a bit of attention to me. Bathroom break!!!! Alone!! Party! I get up walk out of the room, almost make it to the bathroom and I hear it! Scarlett screaming like someone had just beat her half to death. Scared something had actually happened I run back, see that she’s made it halfway through the dining room, just standing there screaming. I pick her up and head back to the bathroom with her. She stops the second I pick her up. Spoiled. Why in the world I thought I would get to pee alone, I have no idea.

So then Mia comes running in, grabbing my hand, trying to pull me off the toilet. “Just a minute,” I say, to which she replies, “You wanna shake it off with me?” which is her way of saying that she wants to listen to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.” We listen to this song 78973247 times a day. It’s adorable to hear her sing along with it. The first five times. After that I have to stop myself from banging my head against the wall. Is that song awful or what?!? Anyhow, I tell her no, not right now, and then here come the screams. Bloody murder, just severed a finger screams, laying in the bathroom floor having a total tantrum. Over Taylor Freaking Swift. I will not give in this day!

As far as discipline goes, the girls are 1 and 2 1/2. Babies. It’s not like they know better yet and other than time outs for Mia, I feel like other punishments are irrelevant at this point until they get a little bigger to understand that we don’t scream and have tantrums.

Usually, I would be the picture of a very stressed, frazzled mom. On the worst days I even think my uterus may jump completely from my body and run into oncoming traffic.Today, I’m choosing to take a few minutes to vent and laugh it off.  Maybe within the next year this situation will be fully resolved. Until then, it sure does make for some fun stories and memories. Even the screaming bloody murder and getting down to “this sick beat” 78973247 times a day.

Still laughing. Still loving. I mean, who couldn’t with this much cuteness !